Bringing people together

with exercise, music,

arts and crafts

and digital help

A charity working in care homes, the community and online
“Since I began your classes I haven’t taken a single painkiller.
Your classes are superb and making a real difference.”
“Thanks so much for replying with all the info.
Nice to know there are real people still out there.”
Sessions, events & classes in the community & online
The impact of Healthy Generations


Improved balance & mobility


Improved physical health & fitness


Liked their teacher

Age range of users

Effect of Classes


Reducing isolation and increasing health and well-being

2022/2023 – 4,057 events – 2,738 users – 32,224 user visits

2021/2022 – 2,313 events – 2,344 users – 22,034 user visits

You can’t guarantee good health but you can improve the odds!
“I just wanted to say a huge thank for your continued support. I really can’t express how much I appreciate all the work that you do for us and how helpful you are in finding solutions to anything and everything! It’s an absolute pleasure being able to work with Healthy Generations. I’ve never come across more accommodating, helpful and organised team!” Islington Council VCS Active Spaces team.
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