Remedial Osteoporosis

I just want to thank you Petra… I’ve been with you for 2 months and this is the first time in over ten years of attending different classes that I have had no back or hip pain at all, it took ten years but I’m so grateful and happy I found this class.

Remedial Osteoporosis
11.30am-12.30pm Run by Petra Hind. In partnership with Healthy Generations. £5
Remedial Osteoporosis
9.45am-10.45am with Petra Hind
In partnership with Islington Libraries. £3 optional donation

A research project done at Loughborough University called the Hip Hop Study inspired us to begin these classes. They reported, “The findings suggest that exercise could be used to target bone gains in areas of structural weakness. Further study found that the exercises also increased hip bone density in postmenopausal women.”

You can find the whole story at https://www.ncsem-em.org.uk/research/optimising-health-wellbeing/projects/the-hip-hop-study/ 

Instructor Petra Hind was trained at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, London.

User Reviews

I just wanted to thank you for your brilliant classes. I had been having to take at least one painkiller a day due to back and hip issues. Since I began your classes just a few short weeks ago I haven’t taken a single painkiller. I thought you might like to know how successful your work is proving for me. Your classes are superb and are making a real difference.

I thought you’d like to know that I have just had the results of a recent scan and they say there has been a significant increase in bone density since last year. 

“All Petra’s classes are fantastic my health and fitness has improved tremendously also my mental health has improved I look forward to all of her classes. Petra’s knowledge on osteoporosis is absolutely brilliant she is a great motivator and great instructor keep up the brilliant work she is helping me through these very tough times thank you.

“I recently had a scan and my bone density was pretty good and had improved a lot from my last scan a few years ago! I put it down to Petra’s classes!

“I thought you’d like to know that I have just had the results of a recent scan and they say there has been a significant increase in bone density since last year.  I re-started a year ago on a further five years on alendronic acid but during an earlier period on it I did not see this improvement, just a stabilisation.  The main difference this time has been doing your classes twice a week, so I am convinced that they are making the difference!

“We should thank you – it’s been a huge benefit to have these classes online and you do such a good job, explaining everything really clearly and making sure we do everything carefully and safely. Do you think there’s any chance of them continuing online once we’re all vaccinated and life returns to normal? I can only attend half the classes.”

“The weight bearing exercises I have learnt in your classes have had the most impact in the improvement in the bone density of my lower spine now bordering on the line of osteopenia. There is also marked improvement in my left femur (hip bone) density which is now well into the osteopenia zone.”

“Petra, I must congratulate you on your class yesterday. You effectively ran two classes as one, by providing the new member, with particular limitations, with an alternative to what the rest of us were doing. I have been, in the last 30 years, a facilitator of groups. To experience yesterday was a privilege in satisfying all without detriment to anyone.”

“I was very happy to discover Healthy Generations’ Osteoporosis Remedial Classes, excellently taught by Petra (currently on Zoom). The classes are designed to prevent and/or counteract osteoporosis, they are enjoyable, and they work!”

“Really recommend Petra’s excellent classes for people with osteopenia / osteoporosis. Great that we can follow them online during the pandemic.”