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What are we like?

We are like Sarah Jane Moss who does 6 classes a week for Healthy Generations.

“I became a fitness instructor to help people living with daily pain due to conditions I once lived with. I had lower back pain due to osteoarthritis in the lumbar spine and knee pain. With the right exercises I was able to manage my pain and conditions. I believe strongly in exercise to help manage medical conditions and  improve the quality of life, health and wellness.

I love teaching group exercise classes in the community. It’s a wonderful thing how health charities like Healthy Generations bring people together in a friendly and positive atmosphere. It helps to reduce loneliness in some people and is a good way to keep fit, socialise and meet new people.

Exercise helps with day to day activities improving the quality of life.

I find it so uplifting to see the joy in everyone’s faces as they begin to move their bodies through a series of exercises. I choose to teach face to face classes as I love the atmosphere and togetherness. In a class people connect to with each other which in turn helps with motivation and build relationships; and it’s so much fun! 

When coming to my classes expect to feel uplifted and energised. I will challenge you in a good way and you will leave feeling worked out! My mission is to help Islington’s older generation feel fit, functional and happy.”

This week the highlight is her “Exercise to Music” Class every Tuesday 10.00am at the West Library just off Caledonian Road.

To join click here

And she also does:

Monday Dance Fitness Sundial Centre 2.00pm – JOIN
Monday Older People Strength, Kings Square 12.00pm – JOIN
Tuesday Dance Fitness at Jean Stokes 3.00pm – JOIN
Thursday Seated Keep fit at Light Project 1.00pm – JOIN
Friday Highbury Fields Outdoors Keep Fit 9.45am – JOIN