How We Do It

How we do it

Chair yoga

We are good at providing sustainable, long-term classes and events. We have never had to close a class due to lack of funding. We have built up unrestricted funding so we can start a class immediately and keep it going until we find funding. We can also run pilot classes for and with partner organisations to see if there is a demand or need.

Liz Wood’s exercise class at Drovers

Before lockdown all our classes were live held in care homes, day centres, libraries, community centres and housing schemes. In February 2020 we ran 147 events reduced to zero on March 20th. 

Christmas Zoom concert audience

We immediately began putting classes online, completely changing our mode of delivery and slowly built classes up. By September 2020 we were back up to over 130 although the majority are now exercise and digital classes. 

Laptop and half a hand

Digital exclusion has become an important area since lockdown and we are doing everything we can to help people get online.