Liability Waiver

Healthy Generations Liability Waiver

When starting an online class please make sure you are in a clear space with no obvious hazards, with ventilation, good lighting and access to water.

Our live classes follow all Government and local Covid-19 guidelines and are updated as different restrictions are put in or out of force.

Do take things easy. Don’t force anything. If you find a particular exercise difficult then stop and take a break immediately. The idea behind all our classes is to build strength and flexibilty slowly but surely. Do not push it.

And make the instructor aware of any medical conditions or injuries. If at anytime you have a question, feel unsafe or unwell let the instructor know and stop further participation in the class. If you have a medical concern/problem or health-related question, please consult with your GP before participating with our or any other exercise programme.

Any user of any of our exercise classes must assume the risk of injury resulting from performing the exercises shown.

By participating in a class you are agreeing you are in good health and able to take part in this activity and are taking full responsibility for your own health and well-being and agree that any instructions received will be used at your own risk, taking into consideration your ability and present health condition and our assumption you have consulted with your GP if you do have an existing condition. You are assuming all risks of injury which could occur by reason of your participation in our classes.