Broadband on Benefits

You may be able to get super cheap broadband

A few broadband companies are offering substantially discounted broadband deals for people receiving certain types of benefits. The first link below is an article in the Guardian and the second, Martin Lewis’s comprehensive description of each company’s offer and the type of benefits it covers:


Martin Lewis Moneysaving Expert


Cheapest PAYG

Cheapest PAYG Mobile Deal

The Three network stopped their 123 pay-as-you-go deal so we’ve been looking around at alternatives. The best one out there appears to be 1p Mobile. They offer 1p per call, 1p per text and 1p per mb of data; it’s all 1p.

There are two basic deals: you either buy £10 of credit when you order the sim card and then have to top up £10 every 120 days; or you can buy £30 of credit which lasts you a year and afterwards you have to buy £10 every 120 days. Any unused credit rolls over.

It means you can have a payg phone for more or less £30 a year which if you don’t use your phone much has to be the best deal on the market. The cheapest monthly bundle is around £5 a month or £60 a year which is great if you are on the phone a lot – unlimited minutes. But if you are using less than 500 minutes a month regularly you are better off with a good value payg and 1p mobile seems to be the only one left. If you do use a lot of data looking at Youtube videos etc they have some pretty good data add-on deals. It’s all on their website

I should point out we do not receive any benefit or payment for recommending 1p Mobile although I’d be quite happy if we did and had to tell you. Something the charity may work on in the future! Maybe we could get a couple of pre-paid sim cards and run a competition or give away prizes for something…..a quiz?

Anyways……..check them out. And if you do need help come to one of our digital classes