2.00pm-3.00pm £3 optional donation 
with Alice in partnership with Islington Libraries. Sign up at https://www.alicenebelpilates.co.uk/online-zoom-pilates and then click “Login/Register” and it will take you though the process.

10.00am-11.00am £3 optional donation with Alice in partnership with Islington Libraries. Sign up at https://www.alicenebelpilates.co.uk/online-zoom-pilates and then click “Login/Register” and it will take you though the process.

User Reviews

I just wanted to feedback about Emma’s Saturday Pilates class. This class is amazing, Emma is always a joy, smiling, happy, cheerful. The exercise regime is well structured to our needs, aware of people’s limitation’s and gives alternative exercises. Watches the screen to ensure we are in the correct postures. Each week is varied which I enjoy so we are always challenged within our own capabilities. It has surprised me over lockdown how much I am preferring the online classes, even now we can attend some centres. Thank you for providing these sessions.

I take pilates classes with Emma and they are excellent. Very clear instructions with adaptions given for those who need them. Emma also has a personable manner making her an ideal teacher.

The two weekly pilates classes I do on Zoom are excellent. The instructions are clear and encouraging, with a different range of exercises each time. I really hope these classes will continue even when ‘normal’ classes resume. You’ll lose no time travelling, and avoid nasty germs!

I’m loving this Pilates class with Emma – really feel like I’ve worked all areas by the end of the session, and keeping me more flexible!

Great online classes being provided during the Covid-19 pandemic. I thouroughly recommend them! I’ve tried out a number of them and at the moment I’m enjoying Pilates with Emma each week. They’re great classes and she is an excellent teacher. I really think my posture is improving because of them!

I am doing Pilates online with Emma and find her excellent and very easy to follow. I personally have a few health issues but it doesn’t stop me getting a lot out of her sessions.