Ways to Donate

This button takes you through to our Local Giving donation page. When you use their form be aware Local Giving automatically register a donation for them in the box below “Make it a monthly donation”. If you change this box to “Other” nothing extra is charged.

This button takes you to our Paypal donation page. We are discouraging you to use this if possible because they charge us 20p per transaction plus 1.4% so a £3 donation costs us 24.2 pence. But if you prefer it is the most simple to use and we are more than happy to receive!!

Thank you for your donation. At the moment all donations are going toward starting new live face-to-face classes in community centres and parks. The best way to donate for us is through Local Giving, also a charity, who sort out our Gift Aid as well; and it’s all free. Paypal works well but we are charged fees by them.