Ways to Donate

Ways To Donate

Thank you for your donation. At the moment all donations are going toward maintaining online classes as we begin to restart live classes. The best way for us is through Local Giving, also a charity, who sort out our Gift Aid as well; and it’s all free. Paypal works well but we are charged by them. All is explained below:

Our favourite! This button takes you to our “Local Giving” page. You can use any payment card (and Paypal). And please sign-up for Gift Aid which adds 25%. We are encouraging everyone to use “Local Giving” and to tick the gift aid option.

Local Giving do not charge fees and collect our Gift Aid for us!! They are a charity too. Donations go even further!



This link takes you to “Amazon Smile”. If you sign into your Amazon account through this portal and nominate us as your chosen charity we receive 0.5% of the net purchase price of anything you buy through Amazon. But you always have to login via the Amazon Smile portal.




Our less favourite! This button takes you to our “Paypal” page. We are discouraging you to use this if possible because they charge us 20p per transaction plus 1.4% so a £3 donation cost us 24.2 pence. But if you prefer it is the most simple to use and we are more than happy to receive!!