Live Music

Live Music

Live music is starting again – big time!

Marco Magnani our music booking manager is busy organising going back to playing with partner organisations we sometimes haven’t seen for over a year….and…. reaching out and contacting new partners. If you would like any of our wide variety of musicians to come to your home, day centre or housing scheme then contact Marco on and listen to the video below:-

Classical Music at Whittington Hospital

I just wanted to email to say a huge thank you on behalf of our team to your wonderful music volunteers who came to play on our ward (Coyle Ward at the Whittington Hospital) yesterday. Our patients really enjoyed the music and we as a team visibly notived the positive effects the music had on their moods and motivation to engage in therapy thereafter. We’d love for you guys to return to the ward again soon, and look forward to hearing the beautiful music again, thank you! Best, Coyle Ward, Whittington Hospital

“Please could you forward on my massive thank you to the musicians who played today at lunchtime in the canteen. Was the most peaceful I have felt at work in 7 weeks.”

Sarah Parfitt

Sarah Parfitt and Gregory Warren Wilson were performing live concerts in the staff room at the Whittington Hospital under full supervision of hospital contagion officers throughout the winter months during the darkest days of covid. “I was at the Hospital as a Psychologist to support the staff, but two violinists turned up and played and the mood lifted. Job done!”

Since the end of April they have been back playing on the wards. They play a mixture of English, Irish and Scottish Folk music and various popular classical pieces. In one ward members of staff and patients started dancing and later in one of the men’s wards a subdued ward of quiet patients burst into applause and began talking and laughing with one another; kisses were seen to be blown at the musicians and one lady had to wipe away a few tears of joy.

A member of the medical staff said having the musicians there helps break a barrier between the staff and some patients as they can talk about a positive experience they have all shared.

This is a list of the wards Sarah and Gregory have played on:

Bridges Rehabilitation Unit, Cavell Ward, Cloudsley Ward, Ifor Ward (x4) – the children wards, ITU Care Unit, Mary Seacole Wards, Maternity Ward, Meyrick Ward, Montuschi Ward, Nightingale Ward.

User Reviews

Santiago was really good. He really helped create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere for our Summer Barbecue which is just what our residents need. We will be more than happy to have him again.

It has made my day.

You’ve transported me back to a pub in Tickacarie!

It has lifted our spirits

An unexpected, wonderful surprise

When can you come and play to us again?

A patient said, “I want to kidnap both of you, close the curtains and to have you playing to me for ever”.

In the ICU a nurse said we are very grateful you’re here – it’s a such a relief to have culture back again and especially after all we’ve been through.

A mature student nurse said he can see music transforms in a way medicine can’t.

From a nurse – I wish we had this in our previous hospital.

Sarah Parfitt studied viola at the Royal Academy of Music, enjoying a career playing with many of the UK’s leading orchestras including the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and London Concert Orchestra.  She is also in great demand as a teacher, holding appointments at two of London’s most prestigious schools.  Sarah plays on a viola by George Panormo, dating from 1812.

Gregory Warren Wilson

Gregory Warren Wilson studied violin and composition at the Royal College of Music, graduating with Honours. He spent a year as a member of the Hong Kong Philharmonic before joining the Orchestra of the Teatro Communale in Florence. He is much in demand as a performer, working with many of the UK’s leading orchestras and also as a chamber musician, the Spice Girls, and has recorded with Coldplay. With his sextet, The Oxford Concert Party, he has also worked in hospices and prisons. Gregory also plays for Rambert and the West End Show, Phantom of the Opera. He has published five collections of poetry.

There’s a lot more going on

We are back in the gardens at Clarion Housring Schemes with great success – good audiences and a lot of people who have been starved of human contact and a sunny afternoon with music and tea.

Our sing-a-longs, choirs, Tea Dances and Music Therapy nearly all stopped last year except for two Zoom sessions a week for JCare’s Sidney Corob House, a Zoom session for a Clarion Housing scheme, and some live sessions before Christmas in the garden of Notting Hill Housing homes in Mildmay Ward Islington. 

Now things are beginning to change and everyone is looking forward to going back to regular tea dances and sing-a-long sessions.

Dan Santa Claus

Dan Beaulaurier, guitarist and vocalist with the Grace Solero Band did some concerts at Christmas for Notting Hill and online with Grace for Islington Council’s Active Spaces project.

Marco at the Hope & Anchor

And blistering guitarist and singer Count Marco Magnani was seen playing music for cows last summer (see below) and in 17th century Delft. He’s been playing over Zoom for JCare’s home Sidney Corob and recently he and Dan have been playing in the garden at Notting Hill Housing homes in Mildmay. Big thanks to Marian and Kay, Notting Hill’s social organisers who have worked wonders keeping services going for residents.

Dion Palumbo

Dion Palumbo, our favourite Australian, has been playing every week for the JCare home Sidney Corob as well as doing a lot of work through various mental health organisations during lockdown. See his video below talking about the health benefits of live music on audiences.

Mary Tyler Musician
Mary Tyler

And lastly our latest musical addition is Mary Tyler, classical clarinet soloist, who has just begun her online Music Appreciation classes with us in partnership with Age UK.  Mary has worked with the Royal Northern Sinfonia, Orchestra of the Royal Opera House and the Brandenburg Sinfonia. Click here for details.

Looking forward to playing again and keeping in touch with all our clients and users.

Tea Dances

We are looking forward to re-starting our regular Tea Dances at Islington West Library and the many Clarion Housing Schemes we used to play at.

We are starting now by going back to playing in the gardens at Clarion Housing Schemes making sure everyone is safe with strictly applied social distancing.

Dancers at West Library

We kept in touch with everyone by phone during lockdown and are looking forward to seeing a lot of people in person at last.

User Reviews

We have been so grateful to Sarah, Greg & Adrian for re-starting the music programme on our wards – it has been so heart-warming to see how much it means to our patients and staff to have music back after some very grim months.

“I loved your songs today. I knew the words to every one. I’ve been diagnosed with early stage dementia and I’ve been feeling so depressed. But you’ve given me hope. I’m going to start doing my exercises again.”

“I recently lost my husband and since he’s gone I’ve been sitting at home or coming here crying and sitting feeling sad. You really cheered me up today and got me moving again. Thank you. Thank you. Please come again soon!”