Your guided, healing meditation broke my 2 weeks state of extreme hyper stress, and after the session I was able to just breathe – what a relief! I cannot thank you enough.

Today I was very nervous and I thought I was going to have a panic attack when I had MRI scan at 5pm. I used your mindfulness techniques draw 3, 2, 1 and it slowed down my breathing and I survived the whole MRI scan.

Mindfulness Energy
10.00am-11.00am with Peter Crockett in partnership with Islington Council’s Active Spaces project.

Above link takes you to a recording of the long 321 meditation we have been using in the class. Click and it will open in a new page. You can play it there but if you right click the recording a menu pops up and you can ‘Save Audio As…’ the file onto your device. Please use and share at will!

User Reviews

I find all the exercises very useful. I aim to do all the physical exercises daily and I feel the benefits of doing them. The body and mind, 3 2 1 techniques are excellent for relaxation and helps me to sleep better. I practice this technique every night.

I’ve really enjoyed it, I thought there might be some naff stuff about being in the moment, but it’s much more sophisticated than that and works on a number of levels.

Each week I learn practical tips to help me be aware of habits that I need to work on to change, make myself feel good, be positive and conserve my energy. Thank you Peter.

Excellent. Some very good techniques have been shared and it is good to have a forum for discussion, which you can’t get from an app!

I have been using several strategies which I have found helpful.