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“I’ve been trying to get rid of that for 2 months. I come here and it’s gone in 2 minutes.”

Thank you for a very helpful session.  I am so pleased to know how to delete documents with the magic right click function. This afternoon I have been  so busy deleting rubbish that my “filing” by dragging into folders will not be half as difficult.


MONDAYS                                 Online Digital Help Class

3.00pm-4.00pm with Peter Crockett in partnership with Clarion Housing
Online Digital Help Class
4.30pm-5.30pm with Peter Crockett in partnership with Islington Pensioners Forum.

“I can now Zoom with my family.”

“I had problems with my printer for 3 weeks. Now I can print things, the printer is working. Thank you!”

“I am now on a much better pay-as-you-go deal. Instead of 30p a minute I now pay 5p a minute!”