THURSDAYS LONGEVITY! – Using Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Yoga.
Gentle yet profound exercises to build internal strength.
6.30-7.30pm £3 optional donation with Peter.
Email peter@healthygenerations.org.uk and he will send back the URL.

User Reviews

“I really rate your classes. I have done and do many different forms of exercise but have never done elements of yours before. I especially like the short sharp jabs and pushes.”

“The exercise is proving wonderfully effective.”

I’ve been doing this class since it first started, and look forward to it every week. I’m so happy that the class transitioned to an online format so quickly after the first lockdown. I love the mix of exercises, and I also love the social aspect.

“The class is great, I love the body movements involved in the exercises. Feel significantly stronger mentally and physically the next day.”

Taxing but not too shattering given I am in mid seventies. I like the mixture of exercises, some quite strenuous, others easy and ending with some line dance routines.