Meet the Healthy Generations backroom staff making everything run

Peter Crockett

I began the charity in 2006 with David Oliver and then ran it on my own from 2007 with various help from Mohammed Jameer, Jennifer Montague, Adam Wilson and Tonia Thorne until Sam came on board full time in 2020.

My life has been about medicine and music. I was a professional musician when younger and then ran complementary health clinics, writing two text books, and running innumerable courses on nutrition and fitness.

Being somewhat older myself I am very interested on what we can do to postpone old age.

That is what the charity is all about: Working as a community to explore what it takes to keep healthy, independent and flexible as we grow older.

Healthy Generations brings people together, the number one metric for longevity, and provides classes and sessions to improve health and well being.

We surely cannot guarantee good health but we can do a lot of things to improve the odds and that is what we are here to do – improve those odds and enjoy a useful, integrated and healthy third age.

Sam Tomlinson

I started in September 2019 as a volunteer, and this progressed onto a full-time job at the start of 2020.

Working for a health charity is a natural progression on from my 7 years working within the organic health food wholesale industry, 4 of those in management positions. I have been lucky to work for, at the time two of the biggest organic health food wholesalers in South of England. Essential Trading in Bristol and Marigold Health Foods in London.

At Healthy Generations my role is to manage our weekly class programme, our grant funding strategy and further community partnerships. During my time at Healthy Generations, we changed our delivery to online during the Covid lockdowns and continued these classes for the most isolated within the community. We now run online, live face to face and hybrid classes for fitness and helping those with health conditions.

I have an interest and passion in health foods, fitness, our health and the importance this can have on our lives.

Adam Wilson

Adam has over a decade of experience working in fundraising and project management in the charity and public sectors.

He has also had experience of arts, culture and heritage (ICA, Southbank Centre, Creative Islington, Heritage 2020); older people (Healthy Generations); environment, conservation and wildlife (Trustee, London Wildlife Trust 2009-15), children and young people (vInspired, Caspari Foundation, Church of England, Mentor at City Year UK, Governor of Worrall & Fuller Charity) and health and wellbeing (Upbeat Music & Mental Health, Stuart Low Trust, Islington Council).

He also has stints in bookselling/publishing, law and media/advertising to his name.

Adam is an accomplished musician, composer and songwriter, accomplished photographer, naturalist, Pilates-doer, poet and Gooner.

Read more about Adam and his work here:

Jennifer Montague

I have been a volunteer with Healthy Generations for several years. I come from a purely office admin background and have lived in Islington my whole life. I enjoy the vibrant diversity within it’s history, businesses and population. So what better way to give back than to work for a charity based in my beloved home town.

I began helping out the charity in the office a couple of days a week then to my surprise tasks became as diverse as the borough itself and was involved in all sorts of activities: fundraising, attending promotional events and I even trained as a walk leader.

Probably my most astonishing personal development is that I have become a member of the Dove Rooms Committee Group, which manages the local community centre and also brings together the work of a number of Tenant Associations in that area.

These activities have taken me all over the borough that I had previously only seen a small part of. It also brought me into contact with a lot of new people from whom I can learn a lot through hearing about their experiences.

I believe I am helping to make a big difference among the community, along with my colleagues, and I hope to be doing so for many years to come.”

Val Almeida

Born and raised in Brazil, I was immersed in a world where music and dancing were integral to daily life. In 2009, I welcomed my daughter into the world, re-entered the workforce in 2014 and with the demands of motherhood needed something flexible. That’s when I discovered the power of ETM (Exercise to Music).

Witnessing the transformative effect of exercise on people’s lives, I became passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle. My mantra became “Unleash your rhythm and get fit,” as I led dance fitness classes that feel more like lively dance parties. People can be and express themselves, burn calories, sculpt muscles, and most importantly, have fun. I found immense joy in seeing others exercise joyfully, feeling good about themselves, and radiating positivity. For me, dancing isn’t just a form of exercise; it is a source of happiness and vitality, bringing people together towards a healthier, happier life.

Now I am also helping in the office, and bring the understanding of directly working with our users while at the same time using my wealth of office skills to help Healthy Generations reach into the community.