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Autumn Equinox and the best to one and all

Everyone here at Healthy Generations wanted to thank you for all your support, donations and more than anything, participation over the last three months. We do consider us being a big community of people sharing activities and time together whether online or in live classes and events.

September is traditionally the beginning of the school year as we go into the Autumn Term leading up to Christmas; summer ends and the autumn begins.

Twice a year the Sun illuminates the northern and southern hemispheres equally – spring and autumn equinoxes.

In 2023 the autumnal equinox was last Saturday the 23rd September at 6:50am GMT (7:50am BST to you and me).

The full moon nearest the Autumn Equinox is the ‘Harvest Moon’ and this year it is this coming Friday at 10.57am. The full Moon rises around sunset for several nights in a row, traditionally providing farmers with just enough extra light to finish their harvests before the frosts set in.

And while we are talking about moons I don’t know if you knew but last month (August) there were two moons on the 1st and 31st of August making the second one a blue moon. I feel a song coming on.

So all the best to one and all for these next three months as we move moment to moment towards Christmas. A big thank you again and all the very best for this new academic year 2023/2024!!