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The James Bond and Perry Mason Themes

This post is about the James Bond theme, a tune which wallpapers most of our minds, it’s been with us for 60 years! Rick Beato breaks it down!

Click here to watch the video.

Rick Beato is a musician in the USA who has built up a big Youtube music channel.

He usually does two types of video: 1) Breaking down old hits’ musicality or production and finding out what makes them so good; and 2) Interviewing the people behind them.

You can find interviews with all the big names and many session musicians you didn’t know were on many of the songs you like.

Rick himself is an accomplished musician with a background in jazz and rock.

If you are into music and haven’t discovered Rick Beato yet I can wholeheartedly recommend him.

In this video he dissects the James Bond theme.

However, in my opinion Rick misses what I have always thought is one of the biggest influences on the James Bond theme – the Perry Mason theme. If you Youtube them, start with Perry Mason and then go onto James Bond. The tonal, style and chords are all similar. 

Click here for the Perry Mason Theme

Click here for Fred Steiner writer of the Perry Mason theme talking about how he came up with it.

Anyways that’s my two cents worth. And below is the best interpretation of the original Perry Mason theme I could find. If you can play – give it a go! It’s a challenge!!