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Boom Radio

Click to listen to Boom Radio now.

Boom Radio, set up in Feb 2021, is a new radio station catering for Baby Boomers because the founders felt Radio 2 was going for a younger audience leaving a gap in the market.

There are some well known names in their DJ roster like David Hamilton, Nicky Horne, Graham Dene and Kid Jensen! Remember him? Also Roger Day from the old pirate ships; and Jenny Hanley from TV and films. They play music from the 60s and 70s, with some a little older too.

You can listen to Boom on a DAB (digital) radio, smart speakers like Alexa; you can download their app to your phone or tablet “Boom Radio UK app”, you can listen on your PC or laptop and although it doesn’t have it’s own channel on Freeview TV it is listed on Channel 277 and you can switch it on there. Basically just about everywhere except FM radio.

Healthy Generations is hoping to hook up with Boom Radio. We run all those live and online exercise classes but maybe less well known because most of it takes place in care homes and day centres is we play loads of yes, Baby Boomer music, to Baby Boomers. Boom boom!

I (Peter Crockett) had never heard of Boom Radio until recommended by one of our users whose name I have forgotten. Forgive me! And send me an email again to remind me if you read this. Your name needs mentioning!