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We Wanted To Hear From You

Big thank you to everyone who filled in the questionnaire we sent out over Christmas “We Want To Hear From You”.

Below are the results of ‘what do you attend’ both “Live” and “Online” showing a strong interest in Pilates:

We asked you for suggestions for new classes and the clear favourite was various forms of dance. Out of a total of 53 suggestions 7 were “Dance”, 1 was “Disco”, 2 were Latin Dance, 3 were Zumba, 1 Ballroom and 1 Argentine Tango! Out of 53 that’s 15 wanting dance of one kind or another, 28.3% – that’s a lot. We need to look at doing a lot more dancing.

The complete list without dance (15) is:

Art2More venues1Spinning1
Book Club1Online singing1Studio Painting1
Cooking1Quit Smoking1Walks1
Craft1Record Classes2Water Aerobics1
Knitting1Self Defence1Weights1
Mindfulness1Setting up Website1Writing1
More outdoor classes1Sewing2Yoga3

We are going to look at new dance classes, more craft and art, more and different level Pilates, and more Yoga. It is not the first time we have been asked to record classes and make them available online and it is something we’ve wanted to do but it takes so much time we are going to have to kick it down the road until we are able to either hire someone or find a volunteer. All the rest are noted and are already in the pipeline like a) “More Outdoor Classes”; b) something I’d already like to do but we need to find funding – “Book Club” and “Setting up a Website”; c) something we already do – “Mindfulness”; or d) we simply need to find funding.

And lastly another thank you for participating. In all 81 people completed the questionnaire. I am working with Diana Birtas from who is volunteering her time to help Healthy Generations improve our social media. She said that 81 is a really good response and is a testament to the Healthy Generations’ community.