Rachel’s Lasagnetta

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Rachel’s Lasagnetta

Eat right with Rachel

Hi everyone!

I thought to share my unique Italian lasagnetta with you. Serve as a starter or main course. For vegetarian option don’t add bacon use veg stock.

Serves 2/3


3 large Leeks

4 streaky smoked bacon/ or pancetta

6 medium button mushrooms

1 clove of garlic

2 handful of fresh spinach leaves 

or 3 cubes of frozen spinach, defrosted

250gr Ricotta cheese

2 medium potato

Pinch of oregano

Black pepper & salt to taste

250ml of veg or chicken stock

6 sheets of lasagna

Parmesan cheese

Olive oil

To prepare the leeks I make a small length cut in the middle. Rrinse any mud from the green leaves and the top of the white stem.

Slice thinly approx 1/2 cm width, put aside.


In a large deep pan fry with a little olive oil the sliced mushrooms on high flame – when coloured set aside.

In the same pan add thinly sliced bacon (or pancetta) and cook slowly on lower heat until bacon is crispy brown. Put aside with the mushrooms keeping as much bacon fat in the pan as you can.

Add the sliced leeks to the bacon fat stir and cook slowly on low heat until leeks soften a little.

Add the mushrooms, bacon, chopped garlic, spinach leaves, 250gr ricotta cheese & oregano. Stir well. 

Add  the warm stock slowly as needed until the mixture becomes creamy but not too watery! 

When done turn off the gas.

Adjust seasoning. Salt pepper.

Turn oven on gas mark 7

Slice the potatoes thinly approx 2mm thickness, put in a bowl with cold water to prevent from browning.

Put each lasagna sheet in warm water for few seconds to soften when layering.

Prepare lasagna oven dish  

I use bread loaf size baking dish but you can use smaller personal size dishes also.

Start layering with the leek mix first/ grated parmesan then lasagna sheet. Repeat the layers until you have used all 6 pasta sheets. Make sure the top layer is the leek mix.

Layer the cut potato thinly.

Drizzle 2/3 tbs of stock on the sliced potato, grate more parmesan or cheddar cheese – put on the potato.

Cover with tin foil & bake for 45 min gas mark 7 middle oven. when done uncover and put under grill for the cheese to brown.

Serve hot with the rocket and sun-dried tomato salad topped with balsamic vinegar and capers.

Bonapetito !