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Is bone loss inevitable?

Well here are two stories that say no.

The first is the reason why Healthy Generations began a Remedial Osteoporosis class back in 2016. Loughborough University ran a year-long “Hip Hop Study” measuring the effect of daily exercise in 34 men over 65. They found just two minutes of hopping a day can strengthen hip bones in older men and reduce the risk of fracture after a fall.

Increases of up to 7% were identified in the bone mass of some parts of the outer shell (cortex) and in the density of the layer of spongy bone underneath this. Importantly, there were improvements in the thinnest areas of the bone most at risk of fracture after a fall.

Bones thin with age (lack of exercise), and localised thinning in the hip is associated with an increased risk of hip fracture. The Hip Hop study has shown regular exercise can help counteract the effects of ageing (the effects of not doing enough exercise?) to the bone.

The second story is about Sheila Hancock the famous actress widow of John Thaw.

In her early 80s she couldn’t lift her hand baggage into the overhead locker on a flight. On getting home she found out she needed to do weights in order to tone her muscles and bones.

Sheila said, “I was beginning to notice I couldn’t put my hand luggage above my seat on a plane, and that sort of thing. It was all muscle wastage to do with getting older.”

“But lifting weights has restored muscle that had gone. My bicep is back now. My lower arms are strong. Some people do weights to look toned but I just want to stay strong as I get older. You don’t have to get weak as you get older – I’ve proved that.”

The NHS states that strength training is one of the best ways to improve muscle strength and power, as well as one of the best techniques to help slow down bone and muscle loss as you age.

So if you are beginning to tell yourself, “Blimey I’m getting old.” Forget it! Instead start doing some exercises to gently tone muscles and bones up again. You can start with the Longevity class or Remedial Osteoporosis. Go for it! What’s not to like?