Courgette pea and mint soup

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Fanny Sprocket’s Courgette, Pea and Mint Soup

I had this soup in a posh restaurant and loved it. I like it even more because it is so easy to prepare.

Serves: 4
• 1 onion, diced
• 1 teaspoon butter
• 3 medium courgettes, grated
• 300g frozen garden peas
• 1.5L water or vegetable stock
• 10g fresh mint leaves
• 6 tablespoons crème fraîche

In a saucepan, soften the onion in butter. Add the grated courgettes and peas and stir to coat in the butter. Add the stock and bring to the boil until peas are tender. Add mint to the pan together with the crème fraîche. Heat through then blend with a hand held liquidiser. Salt and pepper to taste.


I don’t bother too much whether liquid is water or vegetable stock. It tastes great either way. Also if I don’t have crème fraîche or sour cream – who cares!